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Rita can’t wipe out Acadian Museum
By SMILEY ANDERS, Advocate columnist
Published: May 3, 2006

Back in 2002, I spent a very enjoyable day in Erath at its Acadian Museum. The small building, crammed with items relating to the history of the Acadians, was a fascinating place to visit. It was obvious that for museum chairman Warren Perrin and director Kermit Bouillion, the project was a labor of love.

Having seen the work that went into the museum, it was heartbreaking to read of the devastation caused to it by Hurricane Rita. So it was encouraging to hear from the Acadian Heritage & Culture Foundation that a lot of folks are working hard to restore the Erath museum.

A $3,000 grant from the Louisiana Historical Records Advisory Board is helping preserve and replace lost or damaged paper materials. Genealogist Stanley LeBlanc is donating his time to update and rebuild files lost in the storm.

Dozens of individuals have given financial support following the flooding, and John LeBlanc donated his time to paint the inside of the museum.

Reading of all the help given to the museum restoration effort, an inspiring picture emerges: The people of the community, seeing a valued asset in peril, put aside their personal rebuilding efforts and rallied to keep it. Their hard work and devotion should be a lesson to us all.

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