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 The Acadian Museum

The Acadian Museum honors and preserves
the Cajun culture and Acadian heritage of Southwest Louisiana.
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The Acadian Museum
203 South Broadway
Erath, Louisiana 70533
(337) 456-7729

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March 25, 2022

I'm sure you get this often, but your work and efforts toward preserving our culture and language is wonderful and greatly appreciated. Merci beaucoup!

Respectfully yours,
Phil Breaux

December 28, 2021

The visit to the Acadian Museum was terrific, and Jackie Vincent provided a wealth of helpful information and was a wonderful guide. The purpose of my visit to the Acadian Museum in Erath was to learn about the Deportation of Acadians from Nova Scotia and the legacy of those who made a new home in Louisiana. Their story was presented there-from the Great Upheaval to the modern day vindication of human rights in the Royal Proclamation-in an interesting, highly informative and enjoyable way. But the museum offers so much more on Acadian culture and the history of Erath. All of which makes it a great place to spend an afternoon.

Ed Neafsey
Attorney at Law
New Jersey

September 20, 2021

Hello! I visited your museum with my cousin Jackie Hebert and I know I said it many times before while we were talking but it is just amazing the work you've done for the Acadians as a whole. I remember growing up and around 2010 my dad started to say things like "We are Acadians" or even mentioning our Native American heritage which goes into that as well. I never made the connection until just this year when I started to research more and my dad found your books that Acadians and Native Americans were connected that way. It is just a wealth of knowledge you have shared with my family through your books and it is truly amazing to know so much about my culture now.

Elize Fauvelle
UL Monroe Student
Denhan Springs, La.

August, 2021

The Acadian weaving tradition collection is just one of many, many impressive collections housed in the Erath Museum. Warren Perrin has always been so very helpful and cooperative in assisting me and my apprentice in my research. As descendants of Southwest Louisiana, we are very fortunate to have the Erath Museum and to know that this museum works at giving visitors a better understanding of the Acadians and our Cajun history, culture and traditions. Louisiana needs to support the Erath Museum! (Read the whole letter.)

Elaine Larcade Bourque
Lafayette, LA

July 25, 2021

I would like to tell you how much we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Your vast knowledge and first hand experience greatly enhanced our enjoyment of the museum. There was so much to see, I'm sure we didn't get to see it all! Thank you again for a very nice, enjoyable, and informative visit!

Aimee Gardner
Metairie, LA

March 27, 2021

The museum is awesome! I heard about it on the Vermilion Parish travel videos. So glad I was able to finally come check it out and bring my Dad. Thanks again! I will definitely spread the word!

Teresa Reardon

January 30, 2021

It was such a pleasure to be able to visit your Acadian museum recently. I appreciate you allowing me to tour without an appointment. I had heard of the museum and was on my way to New Iberia when I thought of stopping. I have been to the Acadian museum in St. Martinville and New Iberia and I found your museum much more interesting. It has a "down to earth" and authentic feel. I could relate to so much of the information from my own life or from what I have learned from relatives in that area. In the future I look forward to returning and spending much more time. There is a wealth of information and nostalgia to be enjoyed.

Thank you,
Angela Schoenfeld
Leesville, LA

January 26, 2021

The Acadian Museum stands as one of several venues in South Louisiana which continues to successfully highlight our unique Cajun culture. This place not only gives us much information from an archival perspective, but is also one of the many places where our culture is “experienced”, not only in its facility, but in its community, where the elements of the culture exist.

Richard C. Landry
LCSW (Ret.)
Lafayette, LA

January 26, 2021

The Acadian Museum in Erath, Louisiana serves as the focal point of cultural activities in Vermilion Parish. It not only has a strong and diverse collection of historical artifacts on the history and culture of Vermilion Parish, but also promotes Acadian heritage through varied activities such as the Living Legends program recognizing leaders in the Acadian movement. Another facet of the outstanding collection held by the Acadian Museum is its Cajun music recordings and Acadian heritage interviews with local people discussing the Acadian cultural traditions and heritage of Vermilion Parish. Researchers from throughout the United States and the world come to the Acadian Museum to study its unique collections.

R. Martin Guidry
Baton Rouge, LA

January 10, 2020

The visit we had last week to the museum was a pleasure; Diana Soirez was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide and we appreciate her dedication to making the visit possible. The Acadian history displays -- and your copy of the Queen's Proclamation -- were outstanding. We've been waiting to see the painting of Beausoleil Broussard and it didn't disappoint. Our afternoon in Erath is one of our most memorable.

Warmest regards,
Sandi Phillips and Rocky Romero

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