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The Acadian Museum can speak to your group. This page explains the topics and how to arrange a presentation.


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Presentation Topics

As you can see from our events calendar, the Acadian Museum gives regular presentations to groups in Louisiana and surrounding states on a wide variety of topics, including the ones shown below. To schedule a presentation for your group, send an email to info@acadianmuseum.com with the name of the group, the preferred topic, and the date and time you would like us to present. All requests will receive our prompt attention.
  1. Healing Traditions of Cajuns: Making Medicine From Local Medicinal Plants
  2. Who are the Cajuns?
  3. Cajun Cooking 101: Demonstration of Making a Four-meat Jambalaya
  4. Acadians of the 17th, 18th, 19th, or 20th Century
  5. Acadian Women: Then and Now
  6. Acadians Receive an Apology from Queen Elizabeth II
  7. Frenchie: Cajuns’ Contributions in WW II
  8. Post Deportation Migration of Acadians 1755-1800
  9. Folk Healing Traditions and the Traiteurs of South Louisiana
  10. Tracing Acadians/Cajuns’ French Language in North America: 1604-present
  11. The Queen’s Apology—International Ramifications: 2003 to the Present
  12. Acadians’ Innovative View of the European Powers: Contributions to Revolutions
  13. Acadian Prisoners on George’s Island and Relocation Voyage to La.: 1755-1765
  14. The French and Indian War: Acadian Resistance Fighters led by Joseph Beausoleil Broussard
  15. The Foundation of Acadia: Creation of a New Ethnicity in North America
  16. The Development of Cajun Music
  17. Acadiana in Louisiana: 22-Parish Area of La.
  18. Acadian-Cajun Historical Timelines
  19. Cajuns’ Role in Colonial Louisiana and Revolution of 1768
  20. Acadians’ Role in the American Revolution: Spanish Gov. Galvez’s Cajun Militia
  21. Longfellow's Evangeline: The Birth and Acceptance of a Legend
  22. Louisiana: The French Renaissance: 1900-2000
  23. Visual Arts of Cajuns
  24. Black Cajuns and Creoles
  25. The Cattle Culture of Cajuns and Creoles: 1766-present
  26. Cajuns’ Fight Against Wind and Water: Revisiting the Aboiteau System

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