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The Acadian Museum provides cultural events and news to serve our community. Click these links or scroll down for:

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Upcoming Events


Come and hear about museum projects, our history, our books, and other interesting topics, or request a talk for your special group or organization. All talks are by Warren and/or Mary Perrin, unless otherwise noted.
To request a presentation click here.

All times are US Central.
8/13    10am    Warren Perrin at Plumes et Paroles, Revisiting the Queen‘s Royal Proclamation on its 21st Anniversary; 4111 Hwy 308, Tusket, NS
8/13    1:30pm    Mary Perrin, Healing Traditions of South Louisiana: Prayers, Plants and Poultices; Lion’s Club, 87 Parade St, Yarmouth, NS
8/13    4:30pm    Warren Perrin at Plumes et Paroles, The New Acadia Project: Seeking the Lost Acadian Settlement in the Attakapas Territory of Colonial Louisiana; Lion’s Club, 87 Parade St, Yarmouth, NS
11/21    6pm    Warren and Mary Perrin, CENLA Author’s Club Meeting, Westside Regional, 5416 Provine Place, Alexandria, LA


La Table Française – Come Speak French
Southwest Louisiana locals meet regularly to share their experiences, speaking only in French. This is a great way to meet others and improve your language skills. CODOFIL provides a list of these events, but here are some of our favorites.

ARNAUDVILLE: Last Saturday, 9:30am, Arnaudville Community Center. Contact [email protected].
BROUSSARD: 2nd Fridays, 8:30am, Valsin Broussard House, 408 W. Main St. (337) 445-3478
ERATH: Fridays, 11am, Erath City Hall, (337) 254-8522
LAFAYETTE: 2nd Tuesdays, 5:30 pm., Petroleum Club, 111 Heymann Blvd. [email protected]
LAFAYETTE: Wednesdays, 7am, Dwyer's Cafe, 323 Jefferson St.
LOREAUVILLE: Tuesdays, 7am, Main Cup Coffee Shop, 101 N. Main St. [email protected]
MAURICE: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 10 am, 218 Chief Fred Ave. (337) 652-0166
METAIRIE: Wednesdays, 6pm, Parlons Cafe, 1001 Metairie Rd. (504) 982-0800
NEW IBERIA: Thursdays, 8:30am, Cane River Pecan Co., 254 W. Main St. (337) 519-7942
RAYNE: Thursdays, 9:30am, Bernard-Bertrand House, 1023 The Blvd. [email protected]
THIBODAUX: Tuesdays, 5pm, Jean Lafitte Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center, 314 St. Mary St. [email protected]
VIA ZOOM: Every Monday at 9am. To receive a link to the meeting, contact [email protected]

News and Information

Read La Parole Newsletter - July 2024

Lâche pas la patate: Language & Identity in Cajun French Poetry--Zachary Richard, Jean Arceneaux (St. Andrews University, Undated 2024)

Ceci Neustrom: Acadian Portraits (Heart of Louisiana, Undated 2024)

French in Louisiana: A changing linguistic landscape (Le Louisianais, April 2024)

Government of Canada recognizes the national historic significance of Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil (newswire.ca, Aug 2023)

Cause for Charlene's sainthood advances, a target date set; death anniversary passes (The Acadiana Advocate, August 13, 2023)

Cultural Catholicism in Cajun-Creole Louisiana (Folklife in Louisiana, undated)

L'église Saint-Bernard rendue aux Acadiens le jour en souvenir de la déportation (Radio-Canada, July 28, 2023)

Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Author Warren Perrin Is Helping To Change Our World (Authority Magazine, July 21, 2023)

Summer Day Trippin': Acadian Museums (The West Side Journal, July 19, 2023)

Podcast: Author Warren Perrin on Munich 1972 Victim David Berger (Keep the Flame Alive, June 23, 2023)

Podcast: Healing Traditions of South Louisiana: Mary Broussard Perrin and Beverly Constantine Fuselier (Discover Lafayette, Jan 2023)

The Miraculous Life and Afterlife of Charlene Richard (New York Times, Dec 2022)

French language enthusiasts welcome Macron, who offers encouragement (Advocate, Dec 2022)

Before She Died, Queen Elizabeth Thanked Us (The Advocate, Sep 2022)

How a Louisiana Lawyer Convinced Queen Elizabeth to Apologize (La. Radio Network, Sep 2022)

Great Acadian Awakening returns (Advocate, Sept 2022)

"KYOO" - Studying the Origins of Cajun English (LSU Media Center, July 2022)

What are Cajun traiteurs? Curious Louisiana explores practice of these Acadiana faith healers (Advocate, July 2022)

Pointe-aux-Chenes French immersion school proposal passes through state House legislature (WWNO News, Apr 2022)

"Cajun astronaut" to be inducted into Acadian Museum Order of Living Legends (KATC News, Feb 2022)

Newest Louisiana senator cherishes an old tradition, taking his oath in French (Advocate, Feb 2022)

Museum Mentioned in French-Canadian Press on 70th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Reign (Francopresse, Feb 2022)

Vermilion Parish teacher remembered by students in Cajun songs and dance (KATC News, Jan 2022)

49ers "Country Boy" Elijah Mitchell is a Product of his Southern Louisiana Environment (Mercury News, Jan 2022)

Erath Memorial Evokes Memories of Eight Storm Victims from 1964 (Advocate, Oct 2021)

A Final Ride That Will Never Be Forgotten (Advocate, Oct 2021)

Speaking French Was Badge of Honor for Veteran of Original La. Guard Unit (Advocate, Sep 2021)

Can This Cajun-Punk Musician Protect His Culture From Climate Change? (Rolling Stone, Sep 2021)

Reviving a once-forbidden dialect: "All French is good French" (National Geographic, Aug 2021)

En Louisiane, la langue française est en pleine renaissance (National Geographic, Aug 2021)

Organization Works to Bring French in Vermilion Parish Back to Life (Vermilion Today, June 2021)

LeBlanc Elementary School's Fiddle Club Promotes French Culture (Daily Advertiser, March 2021)

Calling All Frenchies: Man on a Mission to Capture Stories of Cajun World War II Veterans (Lake Charles American Press, April 2021)

A Slow Drive Down LA 14 -- Travel Through the Most Cajun Places on Earth (KATC-TV, Jan. 2021)

Zachary Richard Holds Concert to Benefit Lake Charles (YouTube, Oct. 2020)

Podcast: Les cadiens et l'histoire française de la Louisiane (Louisiana Life, Oct. 2020)

Robert Vincent, Cofounder of Acadian Museum passes away (Vermilion Today, Oct. 2020)

Important Stories from Our Archives

Op-ed: Can Acadians and African-Americans Find Common Ground over Ancient Heartbreaks? (Advocate, July 2020)

Rising After the Fall - The Story of Robert Vincent (Acadiana Lifestyle, Jan. 2020, page 6)

Be Proud of Your French Heritage (Avoyelles Today, Nov. 2019)

Cajun Historian Captures WWII Veteran's Stories
(Nov. 2019)

New Acadia Project Needs Your Help (ongoing)

Acadian Museum Forms Alliance with Henry Historical Society (Sept 2019)

Perrin: Mardi Gras should not be translated as Fat Tuesday (Daily Advertiser, Mar 2017)

Perrin: The Parallels between Acadians and Today's Refugees (Daily Advertiser, Feb 2017)

The Petition to Obtain an Apology for the Acadian Deportation: “Warren A. Perrin, et al. versus Great Britain, et al.” (Veritas Acadie, undated)

Evidence of the Past - New Acadia Project Archaeologists Aren't Just Looking at Physical Geography (Daily Iberian, July 2016)

Hospice Care Doesn't Thwart History Buff
(Daily Advertiser, June 2015)

Copy of Queen's Royal Proclamation Presented to Historic New Orleans Collection (Acadian Museum, Nov 2014)

Ethnic Slurs Are Still Disrespectful, Hurtful (Acadian Museum, undated)

James Gill: How Cajun Salmon Came to England (Acadian Museum, undated)

Acadian Museum Inducts Lt.General Russel L. Honoré (Ret.) Into the Order of Living Legends (Acadian Museum, June 2010)

Kochansky Family Donates Historical Evangeline Painting (Acadian Museum, undated)

Lee Bernard Honored by France (Acadian Museum, May 2009)

Law Firm Awarded for Long-Term Support of Acadian Museum by American Association of Museums (Acadian Museum, May 2009)

Living Legend Honoree - Comte Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette (Acadian Museum, Sep 2007)

America's Forgotten Atrocity (Salon, March 2005)

Minister Copes Announces a Day of Commemoration of the Great Upheaval (Acadian Museum, Dec 2003)

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