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Living Legends Program & Cajun Jam Session

The Living Legends program is free and open to the public. It's held once a month, always on Saturday at 4:00. For specific dates, call 1-337-937-0012.

If you would like to nominate a Living Legend for consideration, please email us.


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Living Legends

Ralph Begnaud *
Inducted on October 07, 2000

Ralph    Begnaud * Cajun comedian and Lafayette native Ralph Begnaud died on October 7, 2000. Kermit Bouillion, director of the Acadian Museum, says that Begnaud’s nom de comédie - the “Read Tanny Show Man” - was another way of poking gentle fun at both himself and Cajun culture. Bouillion says this name came about during a discussion with Begnaud over how many Cajuns pronounce certain words. “Read tanny shoes” is how many Cajuns would say “red tennis shoes.” Bouillion says, “The first time he wore those shoes on stage, people went crazy.” The Acadian Museum had planned on recognizing Begnaud as part of its Living Legend series the day after Begnaud died. Bouillion says that Begnaud’s comedy act had a value deeper than mere humor; the comedian helped perpetuate the Cajun culture both through his material and through his fluent French, which he often incorporated into this routines.

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