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Living Legends

Charles Larroque
Inducted on April 22, 2000

Charles Larroque Charles Larroque is a Louisiana native who for the past 30 plus years has been involved in Louisiana’s French linguistic and cultural revival. After retiring from a career in education, Larroque then became executive director of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL), Louisiana’s state agency for francophone affairs.

As a Louisiana francophone writer and documentary filmmaker, Larroque created and produced bilingual literary works that examine the situation of Louisiana’s indigenous francophone society. His media productions, including Gumb-Oh! Là! Là!and Acadia: North and South, visit the reality of Louisiana’s French-speaking minorities, the Cajuns, Creoles and Native Americans. He has been named by the Republic of France as Officier of the Order des Palmes Académiques for contributions toward the preservation of the French language in the United States.

In 2000, Larroque founded Louisiane à la carte, a non-profit company dedicated to the preservation of Louisiana French culture through the development and promotion of francophone products and services. As executive director of CODOFIL (2014-2018) , Larroque was dedicated to the work of creating an infrastructure for the new business of culture by linking Louisiana’s French and Creole languages to the global economy. In particular, Larroque has been involved with projects designed to engage under-served communities by framing a model for cultural economic development. Unique to these projects is the leveraging of international French connections for economic development.

Through CODOFIL, Larroque worked with partners such as the Louisiana Department of Education and the French Consulate to build articulation of Louisiana’s French immersion programs to the global economy. Larroque has made numerous presentations on the subject of the Cultural Economy, not the least of which was for the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference held in Halifax in 2011.

Today Charles Larroque resides with his family in Lafayette, Louisiana where he is a consultant in cultural marketing.

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