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Living Legends

Minos Hardy *
Inducted on February 08, 2003

Minos Hardy * Minos Hardy was born on April 25, 1937 to Ledia and Laura Desormeaux Hardy in Perry, Louisiana. He was raised by his grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Dedier Hardy. At the age of 9, Minos began his first job, answering phones for Meaux’s Cab Service. He earned $1.00 per night.

Minos received his first guitar from his sister at Christmas when he was ten years old. At that same time, electricity was being wired to homes and Minos received an Arvin radio from his aunt. This provided the fuel for Minos’ love of music.

Minos graduated from Abbeville High School in 1955. He enlisted in the US Army and spent 17 months in Korea and was discharged in 1958. He enrolled at the Vo-tech school and graduated in 1960, majoring in electronics. Minos went to work for the Abbeville Police Dept. and was then transferred to the city’s electrical department in 1966. In 1974, he was transferred back to the police dept. While he worked as a detective in the police dept, he took care of the electrical system for the Town of Erath. In 1978, Minos was elected Chief of Police for the City of Abbeville. He served until 1986. In 1987, he worked as a supervisor in Abbeville’s Electrical Dept. He moved to Las Vegas and worked for three years for a security company. In January, 1992, Minos returned home to Abbeville and has worked for Ray Chevrolet for the past 11 years. He continues to help the Abbeville electrical Dept when called upon as was in the case of Hurricane Lili.

Minos plays the rhythm guitar, drums, and the accordion and is a vocalist. He has been playing Cajun music for over 53 years. His first French dance was played at Bill’s Club in Rayne with the legendary Joe Falcon and his band. In 1966, Minos along with Roland Foreman put a band together with T-Neg Gaspard and Robinson Foreman.

Minos has played music at the Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN with Randy Travis. Since July of 1982, he has performed with the Fas Tras Cajun Showband. They have played at many festivals throughout the Louisiana including the World’s Fair in 1985. The Fas Tras have performed for the children at St. Jude’s Hospital and at the Memphis May Festival in Memphis, TN. They also performed for both Gov. Edwin Edwards and Mike Foster’s inauguration. The band has played in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. They have also performed in Branson Missouri.

In 2002, Minos was inducted into the Cajun French Music Association Hall of Fame in Lake Charles. Minos would like to thank the acknowledge many of the area musicians that he has performed with through the years. They include; Stanley Gagneaux, David Roy, Ky and Ridley Gagneaux, Jimmy Choate, Leo Abshire, Joe Lopez, Tony Thibodeaux, Warren Storm, Rufus Thibodeaux, Junior Martin, Dave Baudoin, Rodney Miller, Ron Sonnier, Nap Lange, Leon Thibodeaux, Richard LeBouef, Cedric Benoit, Leo Menard, Pete Choate, Wayne Toups, Jessie Stutes, Joel Sonnier, D.L. Menard, Shawn Vidrine, Bob Brasseaux, Dulles Landry, Blackie Forestier, Vin Bruce, Jimmy Touchet, Lee Ray Menard, Louis Foreman, Wes Reeves, Alex and Alfred Abshire, Frenchie Burke, Milton Adams, Nom Abshire, Louis Dronet, Kevin Naquin, Brett Denais, Chuck Hebert, Ron Touchet, Johnny Pere’, Ralph Duhon, Donnie Broussard, Darryl Hebert, Adam Guidry, Chris Hardy, Lee Hardy, Hunter Hayes, Dino Boudreaux, Jeno Delafouse, Darryl Choate, Al Laviolette, Willie Roy, Charlie Comeaux, Joe Vice, Vern and Jason Bergeron, Johnny Credeur, Pete Cormier, Jimmy Hebert #1, #2, and #3, Aaron Venable, Damon Troy, Shelton Trahan, Coon Touchet, Willis Touchet, Allen Hebert, Mason Menard, Helen Boudreaux, Black Foreman, Earl Broussard, Presely Vincent, Wilson Gaspard, Cliff Touchet, Widley Hebert, Aldron Granger, Simon Schexnaider, Frankie Maihles, Nonc Ray Guidry, Andrew Cormier, Jessie Lege, Mark Savoy, Pee Wee Broussard and especiallyhis very good friend, Russel Gary.

Minos has been married to the former Neva Adams, daughter of the late Cajun musician Milton Adams for 31 years. From a former marriage, he has seven sons; Mike, Chris, Tony, Tim, John (killed in the line of duty in 1992 as a police officer), Pat and David. He also raised his stepson, Eddie. All eight boys have been involved in Law Enforcement in one way or another. Minos has 20 grandchildren, 7 step-grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild and 6 step-great-grandchildren

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