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Living Legends

Ruth Miller*
Inducted on September 04, 2004

Ruth Miller* Ruth Miller was born in Ida, Louisiana, and graduated from LSU in 1942. She later attended the Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

After studying law, she passed the Louisiana Bar Exam in 1957 and was a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. In 1967, she was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

As an attorney, she was a tireless advocate for issues that supported women's rights. She was the first woman to serve on the Louisiana Mineral Board, a delegate and first vice-chairman of the Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1973, and in 1984, the first woman to be elected chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Louisiana State University System of which she was a member for 14 years from 1974 to 1988.

In 1987, she earned a Master of Arts degree in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She was a member of the Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, and was the National Woman of the Year for Delta Zeta sorority. In 1995, she was admitted to the LSU Alumni Hall of Distinction. Posterity will remember her for her trailblazing achievements on the subject of the Shakespeare authorship question. She edited and published four books in support of her theory that the Shakespeare canon was written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford.

For many years, she presented annual lectures at the Huntington Library in California and wrote numerous articles on the authorship subject. Her work has gained interest and acceptance the world over. She has been recognized by the influential New Yorker magazine, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times for her achievements and contributions to this important historical debate. Ruth was married to Judge Minos D. Miller. and passed away on September 15, 2005.

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