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Living Legends

J. Minos Simon *
Inducted on November 03, 2003

J. Minos Simon * Minos Simon was born in the community of Nunez, in western Vermilion Parish in 1922. Raised in a poor family, he spoke only French as a child and learned to speak English in grade school. As was typical of early Cajun life, he worked in cotton and rice fields, traveling in horse-drawn wagons and buggies. His early childhood memories are of a carefree life hunting rabbits with dogs and riding hogs and calves for a pastime when his parents were not around.

While in the fourth grade, his parents moved to Kaplan. Simon then graduated from Kaplan High School in 1939. After graduation, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and was medically discharged one year later. He did his under-graduate work at the University of Wisconsin and at LSU. He graduated from LSU Law School in 1946 and was admitted to the bar by the Louisiana Supreme Court in that same year. He was admitted to practice before the Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit in 1949 and before the United States Supreme Court in 1960.

Since 1946, Simon has served as a trial lawyer in both civil and criminal cases in both state and Federal courts and has tried thousands of cases. He is well-known for handling high profile civil and criminal cases throughout the state of Louisiana. A recent computer search discloses that he presented to higher courts for adjudication more than 551 reported cases, 459 of which were presented to the Appellate and Supreme Courts of Louisiana and 105 cases to the federal courts, 29 of which were presented to the United States Supreme Court.

It's not surprising that an attorney of his stature, Simon is constantly invited to lecture at many legal seminars and symposiums. Warren A. Perrin, President of CODOFIL, said, "Mr. Simon has been a mentor and inspiration for many young attorneys. He is always willing to share his experience with others and has been a guest lecturer for the Francophone Section of the Louisiana State Bar Association."

A man of many talents, Simon has, for the past twenty years, been involved as a thoroughbred horse rancher, breeding and raising thoroughbred horses. An avid jogger, he also loves to scuba dive, go deep-sea fishing and hunting small and large game. He also was an airplane pilot and boat captain for some twenty-five years.

Most people however, know of Simon as an successful author, having published two popular books about Louisiana and its legal heritage. His first publication was in 1993, titled "Law in the Cajun Nation" and his second book was published in 1999 titled "The Devil In The Law, A Judicial Moral Juridical Decline". If you want to know how it came about that one million plus unborn human beings are slaughtered yearly in their mother's womb, you need to read his books. The "Living Legends" executive committee is proud to nominate J. Minos Simon for honorary induction into the "Order of Living Legends."

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