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Living Legends

Dave Pierce
Inducted on September 17, 2005

Dave Pierce The son of Casey Pierce and Nellie Marceaux, David Pierce was born on the Bayou and grew up in Intracoastal City in the 40ís and early 50ís. A student/actor/ athlete, he graduated at the top of his class with a 4.0 at Abbeville High, was an All State running back and still ranks among the all time scoring leaders at AHS. At 17 he went on the air as a disc jockey at KROF and later worked at KVOL in Lafayette while attending USL. He moved to Los Angeles when he was 19 and was awarded an acting scholarship at the Pasadena Playhouse where he graduated cum laude with a degree in theatre arts.

During the early 60ís, Dave learned the record business working as a music promoter.

He earned membership in the Screen Actors Guild and built the Cellar Theatre and Actors Video Workshop in Hollywood where he staged the first live video/stage production in 1968.

Dave always had a disc jockey job on Southern California FM stations, which was at that time a step-child to the high powered AM Rockers. But in the late 60ís and early 70ís, the cultural revolution put FM in the fore front. He was one of the pioneers in the development of the Free Form Underground Radio format in Los Angeles and San Francisco, culminating in his station KPPC-FM, broadcasting from the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, winning the ratings race for the number one position in Los Angeles Rock Radio. Dave served as Music Director, handling the record company business.

A part of the early environmental movement, The Pierce Family left Los Angeles at the end of 71 to escape the city and the smog, returning to Abbeville and finding south Louisiana was on an economic fast track. After a couple of more deejay turns, Dave moved into television, creating and packaging advertising for KATC TV- 3 till 1981. Then he joined the owner-management team at the fledgling UHF Indy, KADN. He managed the sales dept thru the tough 80ís and boom 90ís when KADN became an affiliate of the new FOX network, and FOX 15 became a competitor in Lafayette media. In the late 90ís, the same KADN team put KLAF UPN 17 on the air. Dave still handles regional and national accounts.

In 1976, along with Cellar Theatre veterans, Los Angeles actress Lynette Winter Cessac and his cousin Teddy Cessac of Abbeville, Dave started up the Abbey Players, which became one of the most successful community theaters in the country. Working as actor, director, and promoter, Dave also became the Abbeys most prolific producer for the next 26 years with a formidable list of box office hits as the Abbey Players became a household name. With a desire for more creative control and more original scripts, he left the Abbeys Players in 2002 to form a new group, the Woodlawn Players, and found immediate success with the Boudreaux & Thibodeaux shows and the musical revue This Magic Moment, which he produced, directed and co-wrote.

The Times of Acadiana Readers Poll recognized this longevity with the Acadianaís Favorite Actor Award in 2004.

Current projects include UP ON THE STAGE, a half hour show produced by Woodlawn Plaers, promoting all community theater in the area and airing on Acadiana Open Channel.

Dave is working with Hollywood film makers on a documentary about KPPC, still a radio cult story in Los Angeles. His memoirs, Riding on the Ether Express (finally due for publication in the next few months) is a primary source of the history and Dave will appear on camera as an interviewee.

At his home for the past 30 years on the Bayou in northern Vermilion Parish, Dave resides with his partner, actress, costume designer, and collector Sarah Fox. With his daughter, Michelle of Houston, and his son J.D. Pierce, his next door neighbor, he renovates housing for low income families.

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