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Living Legends Program

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Living Legends

Chef Roy Lyons
Inducted on August 24, 2002

Chef Roy Lyons Chef Roy Lyons was born in Rayne in 1950. He graduated from Rayne High School in 1968. He attended USL and Nichols State University. Over the past 30 years he has attended seminars and continuing education classes on the local, state, and national levels. In 1995, he completed the National Certification Test and received the American Chefs’ Federation Certified Executive Chef Diploma, based on his education, experience and achievements. Today he is one of the official spokespersons for the Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and the Canadian National Television. His success has made him a world traveler, guided by his love of cooking and his expertise in promoting our Cajun Cuisine. Though a glance at Chef Roy’s schedule for a typical month would exhaust the average person, he balances ownership and management of his restaurant, his spice producing company, his active membership in professional organizations, his nationwide and worldwide travel schedule for cooking demonstrations and promotions, and his community involvement with enthusiasm and professional equanimity. He has traveled the United States extensively, promoting the French Language and Cajun Cuisine from Miami to Las Vegas to Chicago.

Among the many courses and seminars Chef Roy has completed are: National Restaurant Seminar in St. Louis, MO in 1985; Adams Institute of marketing, Shreveport in 1980; The Fails Management Institute, Atlanta Georgia, 1980; Tulane University, New Orleans, 1979; New York University, Division of Career and Professional Development, Aspen, CO, 1978;

His international travels have taken Chef Roy to prepare Cajun meals in the following countries: Canada; Quebec, Belgium, France, Mexico, Costa Rico, Turkey, Holland, England, Nicaragua, Spain, and the Netherlands. He has been named as one of the “Top Chefs in France” and “Best Chef in Oklahoma City.” Former Governor Edwin Edwards named him a “Colonel” for the State of Louisiana. Just last December, while in Miami, Florida, Chef Roy gave cooking demonstrations to over 450 companies representing 22 countries and to 7,500 international distributors and importers representing 52 countries.

Chef Roy’s restaurant, the Frog City Café, located in Rayne, is now considered one of the Great Cajun Restaurants in the state of Louisiana and is a drawing card for filming of television commercials and the gathering place for culinary writers, food editors and TV personalities. His ‘other restaurant’ consists of an 18 wheeler with a specially designed and fully equipped commercial kitchen on board. Operated by Chef Roy’s Catering Services, he is ready to travel and cook in any state of the union.

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