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Living Legends Program

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Living Legends

George LeBlanc, Sr. *
Inducted on December 07, 2002

George LeBlanc, Sr. * George Joseph LeBlanc was born on September 20, 1912 in New Iberia. His parents were Paulin and Blanche Koenig LeBlanc. He lived in New Iberia until he was eight years old. Later, he moved to Lafayette, and then to Erath when he was fourteen. His first job was selling peanuts at the old Bijou Theater. When his youngest brother Willie was chosen as “Songbird of the Air” in New Orleans, they moved to New Orleans.

Dudley LeBlanc “Cousin Dud” took him to a theatre in New Orleans to sing with Delores Delarue. While living in New Orleans, George sold “The Time Picayunne” on the street corners for five cents a paper. After selling his papers, he would go dance at the Cabaret for 10 cents a dance. When he moved back to Erath, he and Edwin Suire were riding around town. He saw this beautiful blonde girl walk out of a house, he told Edward, "that will be my wife."

He was right, Melba did become his wife. When he moved back to Erath, he worked at the refinery as a timekeeper for $1.25 for 12 hours. In 1941 and 1942 he trapped muskrats in the marsh with Mr. Simonette LeBlanc. After this, he was hired by Texaco as a roustabout. Later he became a labor foreman and then ran the loading rack on Highway 14. He worked with Texaco for 21 years. He also sold insurance for Lafourche Life from 1950 to 1969. Always being interested in politics he decided to run for city council. George was elected to the city council from 1953 – 1957. He was then elected mayor of Erath in 1957. He also ran for Senator in the 1060’s. In 1969 he went to work for Alfac “The Duck” insurance. He worked for Aflac for nearly 20 years. George recently celebrated his 90th birthday on Sept. 20th.

He married Melba LeBlanc on April 11, 1936. They have been married for 66 years. They have three children; Judy LeBlanc Shiner, George Paul LeBlanc, and Joan LeBlanc Langlanais. They also have 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

His hobbies include working in his yard, gardening and listening to music. When he was younger he loved to travel and he and his wife have traveled to all 50 states of the union.

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