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Your help is needed to help reconstruct the more than two-thoussand documents destroyed by hurricane Rita.

View our current database of family genealogies.


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Genealogy Research

Help Save Our Archives!

Your Help is Needed by the Acadian Museum to Reconstruct Family Genealogies.

Hurricane Rita destroyed over 2,000 documents in the Acadian Museum in Erath, including family genealogies.

The family genealogies are very valuable as they will provide the information needed to trace one's ancestry upward using the published resources such as the Fr. Hebert's South & SW Louisiana Records, the Diocese of Baton Rouge [DOBR] Records, the Archdiocese of New Orleans [ADNO] records, etc.

Stanley LeBlanc, a Native New Iberian living in Dallas, TX, who has a website devoted to Cajun, Acadian and Louisiana Genealogy, History and Culture, has volunteered to recontruct the family genealogies that were destroyed. In order to accomplish this, we need the families to resubmit the genealogy information.

An online form is available here.

One can also send information to the Acadian Museum at the following address:

Family Genealogies
Acadian Museum
P. O. Box 53597
Lafayette, LA 70508

View our current database of family genealogies.

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