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Genealogy Research

Family Genealogies

The following list shows the genealogical histories of prominent local citizens, prepared by historian Stanley LeBlanc. If you share a family name with any of the following people, you may see some of your ancestors in the charts. For more extensive genealogical information, check out Stanley's website at Historian Steven Cormier has also provided extensive family histories on his website Acadians in Gray. More genealogy links can be found here.

Allen R. Bares - LeBlanc Line

Judge Marcus A. Broussard, Jr.

General Curney Joseph Dronet, Sr. - Author of A Century of Acadian Culture - The Development of a Cajun Community - Erath (1899-1999)

Richard James Guidry

Johnnie Allen Guillot [aka Johnnie Allan]

Senator Dudley J. LeBlanc - Author of The Acadian Miracle

John Allen LeBlanc [husband of Shirley Thibodeaux - see his amazing wooden replicas here]

Louis-Relie LeBlanc III

Brig. General Robert Joseph LeBlanc

Rufus LeBlanc, Jr.

Stanley LeBlanc

Edgar G. Mouton, Jr.

Christopher Eugene Nunez

Warren Perrin (Broussard Line) - Author of Acadian Redemption: From Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen's Royal Proclamation

Ebrar Reaux

James Floyd Soileau

Ramona Stout Babineaux

Shirley Thibodeaux LeBlanc [wife of John Allen LeBlanc and Past President of the Acadian Memorial Foundation]