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Genealogy Research

Family Genealogies

View family genealogical records in PDF format. The PDFs are provided courtesy of Stanley LeBlanc, host of

Allen R. Bares - LeBlanc Line
Judge Marcus A. Broussard, Jr.
General Curney Joseph Dronet, Sr. - Author of A Century of Acadian Culture - The Development of a Cajun Community - Erath (1899-1999)
Richard James Guidry
Johnnie Allen Guillot [aka Johnnie Allan]
Senator Dudley J. LeBlanc - Author of The Acadian Miracle
John Allen LeBlanc [husband of Shirley Thibodeaux] - see his Amazing Wooden Replicas
Louis-Relie LeBlanc III
Brig. General Robert Joseph LeBlanc
Rufus LeBlanc, Jr.
Stanley LeBlanc
Edgar G. Mouton, Jr.
Christopher Eugene Nunez
Warren Perrin - Broussard Line - Author of Acadian Redemption: From Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen's Royal Proclamation
Ebrar Reaux
James Floyd Soileau
Romona Stout Babineaux
Shirley Thibodeaux LeBlanc [wife of John Allen LeBlanc], Past President, Acadian Memorial Foundation