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The Weight of History, the Power of Apology
Remembering Lifter David Berger 50 Years After the Munich Olympics

By Warren Perrin
$35.00 (USD)
(plus shipping and handling)

The Weight of History, the Power of Apology is a new book (May 2023) by Warren Perrin, historian, professor, and founder of the Acadian Museum in Erath, Louisiana.

Set in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, the book focuses on three young athletes who were setting records in weightlifting at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Tulane, and the New Orleans Athletic Club. Through its 102 pages, the book provides an interesting history of each champion's life and the unique struggles posed by their respective ethnic identities: Cajun, Jewish, and Japanese American.

Two of the weightlifters, Warren Perrin and Walter Imahara, went on to lead full and productive lives but the third, David Berger, died in the infamous massacre of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics-an event that was broadcast on live television to an audience of millions and is often hailed as a critical juncture in the emergence of terrorism as a feature of modern geopolitics.

While serving as a tribute to David's memory, this book also offers a meditation on how the author's character was shaped by the sport of weightlifting and how his career as a human rights advocate was inspired by David's untimely death, by Walter's experiences as a child confined in America's Japanese internment camps during World War II, and his own experience as a witness to the Jim Crow period in Louisiana.

Zachary G. Stein, head of special collections at ULL's Edith Garland Dupré Library says, "Mr. Perrin's book is haunting, perceptive, and ultimately hopeful. By weaving together the stories of three weightlifters from very different backgrounds... Mr. Perrin ingeniously shows how a simple sport such as weightlifting helped these men discover themselves in this complex world and soar higher than they could have possibly imagined."

The Weight of History, The Power of Apology
$35.00 (USD) + shipping and handling
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Healing Traditions of South Louisiana
Prayers, Plants, and Poultices

By Mary Perrin and Bevery Fuselier
$35.00 (USD)
(plus shipping and handling)

This book about traiteurs and the South Louisiana healing arts invites you to connect with Acadians, Creoles, and Native Americans as they strive to maintain and restore good health within their families and communities. Many of the remedies and healthful practices included in this book are decades and even hundreds of years old, and, as you will discover, some are still in use today. This book has two distinct parts that eventually overlap in the stories and remedies that come forth. (More details about the book and bookstores where it's on sale can be found here.)

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Seeking an Acadian Nation
The 1930 Diary of an Evangeline Girl

By Warren A. Perrin and Mary B. Perrin

Seeking an Acadian Nation tells the real-life story, in words and vintage photographs, of the epic 1930 journey led by Sen. Dudley J. LeBlanc, which he called the “First Official Pilgrimage of Louisiana Acadians to Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia.” The trip, which celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Acadian Deportation, marked the first time Cajuns returned to their ancestral homeland and began the process of a Grand Reunification between the Acadian families of Canada and their cousins in the United States. The book, which traces the evolution of this reunification up to the present time, contains over 200 pages of historic photos and text in a large format that will make an ideal holiday gift, coffee table book, or conversation starter. (click here to read more)

Seeking an Acadian Nation
Price: U.S. orders: $50 + $10 shipping and handling
Canadian/Intl. orders: USD$50 + USD$37 shipping and handling

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Acadie Then and Now: A People's History
Edited by Warren Perrin, Mary Broussard Perrin, and Phil Comeau
(Available in English and French)

Acadians from around the world are showcased in this unique book about the Acadian diaspora, which focuses on their communities in the United States, Canada and France. The book won the prestigious Prix France-Acadie in 2015 and is considered one of the best anthologies of Acadian history and culture in existence.

(read more)  (lire en français)

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Acadian Redemption Book

Acadian Redemption - From Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen’s Royal Proclamation
By Warren A. Perrin
$20 + shipping and handling

Acadian Redemption, the first biography of an Acadian exile, defines the 18th century of Acadia into which Joseph Beausoleil Brousssard was born in 1702. Find out more about the book and what people are saying about it.

Acadian Redemption Book

Une Saga Acadienne
By Warren A. Perrin
$20 + shipping and handling

Une Saga acadienne, est une véritable histoire marquée par la persécution, l'exil, la terreur, le courage, l'espoir et le triomphe. Une rétrospective rafraîchissante et unique des événements qui ont formé la culture cadienne en Louisiane. Cliquez ci-dessous pour commander le livre pour livraison aux Etats-Unis. Pour livraison internationales, appelez-nous au +1 337-456-7729 (heures d'ouverture lundi a vendredi, du centre des Etats-Unis).

A Century of Acadian Culture
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Reproduction of the Queen’s Royal Proclamation
$10 + shipping and handling

Bilingual proclamation by Queen Elizabeth the Second, suitable for framing. 8.5 in. x 11 in.

A Century of Acadian Culture

Acadian Redemption T-Shirt

White, 100% Cotton with book cover art on front and map on back. Available in two sizes: Large (L) and extra-large (XL). To specify a size with your order, leave your contact information or phone the museum at the number on this page.

The University of Louisiana's National Championship Weightlifting Teams
By Warren A. Perrin
$30 + shipping

This book should appeal to anyone interested in the local and state history of Louisiana and weightlifting lore. What makes it especially valuable is the anecdotal and first-hand content, telling how a ragtag group of lifters (including museum founder Warren Perrin) created a national championship weightlifting program with virtually no initial support.
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Evangeline Reconsidered
By Veni Harlan
$21 (at Red Stick Reads)

A lovely little book researched partially at the Acadian Museum. "When poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie in 1847, he gave voice to a people who were forgotten ... This book by Veni Harlan, explores the legend, endurance, and impact of poet, poem, and cultural heroine." Very well-designed by this artist/writer and a great addition to your collection. Click here to order.

The Acadian Saga: A People's Story of Exile and Triumph
By Dean Jobb
price varies (see website)

"A classic work of Acadian history from the award-winning journalist and author of Empire of Deception. The author revisits his dramatic and compelling account of "Le grand derangement" -- immortalized in Longfellow's famous poem, Evangeline. Jobb brings a cast of characters to life so vividly that the reader is immediately captured by their stories. The richness of detail is remarkable. The quality of writing is cinematic." Click here for details.

Becoming the Frenchified State of Maryland: Reflections on the Lives and Contributions of Acadians, Saint-Domingue Refugees, and European Emigres, 2 vols.
By Gregory A. Wood
$75 (at Amazon)

The story of how more than 600 Acadians exiled to Maryland in 1755 eventually found their way to Louisiana in the mid- and late 1760s, while leaving behind a number of aspiring watermen and future shipmasters, who regrouped in Baltimore in a quarter duly named "French Town." Didn't know you had relatives in Maryland? This is an essential book for any American History collection. Click here to order.

Iberia Parish Book
By Warren A. Perrin and Nelwyn Hebert

Book boasts more than 200 vintage and modern images chronicling the growth and change of this Louisiana parish.

Vermillion Parish Book
By Warren A. Perrin

Book boasts more than 200 vintage and modern images chronicling the growth and change of this Louisiana parish.

St. Landry Parish Book
By Philip Andrepont, Patrick Morrow and Warren A. Perrin

Book boasts more than 200 vintage and modern images chronicling the growth and change of this Louisiana parish.

Acadian Redemption Book

Governor Edwin Edwards Signed Poster
By Andrew E. Perrin

Limited edition (signed by former Gov. Edwards) hand-drawn poster by Andrew E. Perrin depicts former Governor Edward Edwards' induction into the Order of Living Legends by the Acadian Museum on August 4, 2012. The poster measures 11x14.

A Century of Acadian Culture

A Century of Acadian Culture - The Development of a Cajun Community - Erath (1899-1999)
By General Curney J. Dronet

A beautiful 300-page hardcover book containing over 100 vintage photographs and maps that should be a part of everyone’s library.

250th anniversary of the birth of Cajun culture (FRENCH VERSION)

Poster designed by Architect Andrew Perrin depicting Beausoleil arriving with the Acadians in New Orleans during the winter of 1765. The poster measures 18x24. Signed by the artist and suitable for framing.

Note: For international orders, please contact us.

250th anniversary of the birth of Cajun culture (ENGLISH VERSION)


Poster designed by Architect Andrew Perrin depicting Beausoleil arriving with the Acadians in New Orleans during the winter of 1765. The poster measures 18x24. Signed by the artist and suitable for framing.

Note: For international orders, please contact us.

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